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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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TJħb   J^ATJi  OF  MAN

foundations by the process of dehumanization.
The ideal of man has been eclipsed. This is a
trying period, but one of transition. It may be
that man must be crucified and die, that he may
rise again to new life. Neither Communism nor
Fascism is that new life : they are only passing
forms in which elements of truth are mingled
with frightful untruth and injustice. These
transition-forms are born of suffering and mis-
fortune, not of creative abundance. All old
authorities have collapsed, and the world is
threatened with relapse into anarchy. The world
has been stunned by the new forces which have
entered it so unexpectedly. They entered the
world at a time when the unity of faith had been
lost, when scepticism had corroded and dissolved
the old society. What are these new forces ?